A Cautionary Tale...

Now this will be the most disturbing and truthful of all my public postings. It's based on 14 years of knowledge and observation of which I rarely speak, given that the intent of majority of these events is to make me seem unreliable and to get me dismissed by law enforcement. But as I experienced a few weeks ago the waking from a dead sleep with the inability to breathe, and what I can only assume was carbon monoxide poisoning based on symptoms (despite having multiple sensors, which did not sound but did in fact blink red indicating some form of fault... details about why Kiddle would build such devices with firmware, a vulernability - I'll address another day). I without names will give my understanding and profile of the assailant:

Deep Fragile Narcissism

My attacker was raised with a continuous barrage of others telling him how he was intended for great things. He was surrounded by people looking at legacy and determining that he would match or exceed it. Then he met me. I was raised by upper middle class family, the product of middle class family. My success in life was never attributed to rich parents, good schooling or anything other than raw intellect. While me and this assailant were together, he looked at my ability and societal value as in addition to his own. Afterwards, he saw us as bitter rivals, whereby any success or popularity I had diminished himself. Given the fact that his mother was from humble beginnings herself, and that her success became nothing but a burden to him (in that if he failed to succeed given his advantage he would be pitiable, but excellence would be viewed only as the minimum bar for him), I became a point of sublimation of his rage that he obviously could not express for his mother.

Controlling the Situation, Badly

Ironically, to reassert the feelings of power that matched with his perceived role in society, he then had to begin to attempt from the periphery to affect my life. He pressured various persons into being in my life to both relay information as well as to affect my decisions. The fact that this person has a military background, with a particular speciality in "military intelligence" comes as no surprise. These people are used to the idea that playing god is their mandate. "No" is not something the ultra wealthy are OK with, so the idea that you resist them in any way fundamentally is so intolerable that destroying you is their only real strategy. That's why defiance is so irratating. I'd never actually cave to pressures that came from a coward that wouldn't even after all these years even be as brave enough to have asked for the outcome he wanted (ironically which if he had done at the time would have been acceptable and without resistance), but instead had to believe that his control of others and myself could do so without having to expose himself to the potential rejection of a simple ask. Ironically in the most recent of iterations, he attempted to place me into a relationship with a plant intended to coerce me into marriage. He failed to anticipate that such a clear manipulation would never be successful as no one would marry someone whose entire being exuded a form of distain for oneself. Being used as such a tool does not for a happy marriage make. When this failed, it moved back to the typical set of playbook. Ensure that I was either alone, or only permitted to access the parts of the LGBT community that he had no interest in, being dismissed, lower class, or otherwise unacceptable to him. He decided that there was an artificial wall between what I was able to be and what he wanted me away from. I dared a few weeks ago to cross this line by wanting to participate in the larger LGBT culture in Pride in a major city. The reaction was swift, severe and unneeded. I now realize